Our Case Studies

These SMG case studies focus on how we have, over a relatively short period, developed a series of leadership values which have enabled companies, CEO’s and executives to reflect these improvements in their service provision.

Leadership Development

Case Studies

1.Blue Chip Conglomerate


To build strength across the management team that would filter through and across the organisations’ businesses; to stretch and develop participants to cope with levels of ambiguity, increase their flexibility and enhance their capacity to perform under pressure.


An integrated executive leadership development program co-designed with our US-based strategic partner, Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL). Participants were selected by sponsors from each division, with line management support and sponsor engagement throughout the program.

Key components of the program included:

  • applying CCL’s 360º tool and assessment processes
  • two leadership forums (conducted by CCL)
  • ‘fireside chats’ with key divisional leaders presiding
  • team coaching
  • real-time projects designed to stretch participants, with delivery expectation at Board-level to CEO/CFO level at conclusion of the projects
  • individual coaching over a four month period.


Highly engaged, enthusiastic participants generating positive learning and organisational outcomes.

2.Financial Services Firm


To raise the level of leadership (awareness and practice) amongst the senior executive team. To negotiate the pressures of the GFC, the executives needed to raise their self-awareness in the competencies required for their roles (aligned with the organisation’s’ needs and objectives).


A blended learning solution, incorporating:

  • customised 360º assessment
  • partnering with a major university business school to deliver aligned leadership development modules
  • one-on-one executive coaching.

Program participants included 30 key professionals with legal and accounting backgrounds – many with limited previous exposure to leadership development initiatives.


Reduced tension, increased resilience, improved communication and relationships, and a growing awareness of best practice leadership.

3.Established, Divisionalised Australian Organisation Providing Diverse Services Across a Range of Customer-facing Sectors


Due to rapid growth and a new leadership team, the CEO needed to define and clarify the role and purpose of the senior management team, along with the adoption of behaviours that would create a high performing top team with impact across the whole business.


A program Involving the executive leadership team (incl. profit centre and corporate functional leaders), key elements including:

  • a comprehensive needs analysis
  • customised workshops focused on building, embedding and sustaining specific team competencies and assessment instruments
  • one-on-one executive coaching.


This program only commenced recently, yet participants are already noting the positive impact on their team, as problematic issues and behaviours are identified and constructively addressed.


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