Participants gain higher levels of competence and confidence through exposure to the major psychological models which underpin the coaching framework and learn how to apply them in the workplace. Coaching supervision from an experienced coach is also included, and participants are encouraged to choose their coach from SMG’s extensive coaching faculty.

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Three sessions (two days each) and four coaching supervision sessions from an experienced coach. The first supervision session includes an assessment and debrief of current coaching style.

– Individual Coaching Assessment and Supervision Session 1

– Day 1+2

Session 1: Coaching in the Context

Understand your own coaching style, its strengths, and its shortfalls; Review and demonstrate your core coaching skills using the GROW Model; Explore the process of human behaviour change and how to use this more effectively to help your coachee affect change.

Session 2: Coaching Leaders Under Stress

Develop your skills on working with coachees to understand stress responses, identify causes of stress and anxiety, and design approaches which can assist them to better deal with stressful situations.

– Individual Coaching Assessment and Supervision Session 2

– Day 3+4

Session 3: Emotions that Drive Behaviour

Learn about Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and how to help a coachee focus on how they think, feel and act. Cognitive behavioural strategies and techniques can assist the coachee to understand triggers, thoughts and feelings that drive actions, therefore increasing self-awareness and proactively creating behaviour change.

Session 4: Working with Authority, Power, and Unconscious Behaviour

Recognise unconscious behaviour and its possible sources and apply appropriate strategies and techniques to enable coaches to increase awareness and management of their default behaviours. Also understand the balance of power in the coaching relationship and how it may help or hinder coaching.

– Individual Coaching Supervision Session 3

– Day 5+6

Session 5: Coaching for Meaning and Purpose

Learn new ways to explore with your coachees their own set of values and meaning and help to create motivation and purpose from them. Job satisfaction and performance are often linked to an individual’s sense of meaning and purpose.

Session 6: Coaching from a Systems Perspective

Understand how systems play out in coaching assignments and how to work effectively with them. Although our coaching sessions are usually a 1:1 experience, it is helpful to remember that each coach and coachee are pieces of a system. Work teams, organisations, families, bosses, and even values and beliefs are all part of the system that is the coaching environment.

– Individual Coaching Supervision Session 4

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What our clients say:

“Really great material. Well weighted with a good mix of academic theory and actual time in the saddle.” – Senior Airlines Executive

“Very skilled interventions that kept both the energy lifted, while creating a supportive learning environment.” – CEO, Large SME

“Great for reshaping the important conversations I have at work- I have enjoyed this very much and it has opened up another side of me.” – Regional Sales Director, FMCG

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