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unique approach.


SMG’s coaches, mentors and facilitators bring the unique combination of strong commercial experience and perspective combined with qualifications and training in deep psychological and behavioural science theory and practice. Each team member undergoes rigorous and continuous professional development and ongoing supervision.

All have extensive past and current business experience and have generally held senior level executive positions, including C-suite and CEO roles with significant organisations. This enables us to seamlessly work with executives in their complex contextual environments. In partnership, we help these leaders enable the desired behaviour change and optimise their effectiveness.

Relationships and
market awareness

Ability to respond to the markets changing needs. SMG maintains strong relationships with business leaders to keep abreast of market developments. 

Our strategic alliances provide global insights and information on best practice in executive development – further reinforcing our ability to keep clients informed of the latest advances. 

Experience, reputation
and longevity

We are the longest-established among Australia’s leading executive coaching, mentoring and leadership development firms. 

Professional services

We are one of the few leadership development practices in Australia that operates as a professional services firm. This ensures we hold our coaching and mentoring faculty and management to the highest industry standards, underpinned by rigorous academic frameworks, quality control, case management and highly experienced and qualified program directors. 

Customised and
blended approach

The use of blended business interventions (including coaching and customised workshops) provides high-impact learning to actively embed sustained behavioural change.

Experienced coaching,
mentoring & leadership

Our coaches, mentors and leadership team are all practitioners with extensive experience and qualifications in business and leadership development. Our clients thus work with coaching and mentoring professionals who have a genuine understanding of their needs. 

Importantly, we can bring a level of objective empathy to all coaching and mentoring engagements, combined with commercial acumen. 


Our methodology doesn’t rely solely on coaching and mentoring. A fundamental strength of our practice is the ability of our team to move fluidly between multiple modalities as determined by client needs. This flexibility, coupled with proven expertise in the fields of organisational behaviour and cultural change, positions us at the peak, not only of coaching and mentoring, but full-service leadership development.









“The Art of Leadership”, our tagline, recognises that mastering executive leadership is an art – a skill and discipline requiring ongoing intellectual capital, dilligent application and careful evaluation.

Our vision is to remain at the forefront of executive development and leadership – refining and enhancing capabilities, services and intellectual capital – with a clear focus on enabling executives to attain advanced levels of personal and professional performance in alignment with organisational priorities.


Virginia Mansell
Founding Partner

Mehul Joshi
Senior Partner, Head of Leadership Practice

Margaret Cowle
Chief Executive Officer

Richard Clarke
Head of Coaching and Mentoring

Elizabeth Hughes
Practice Leader Qld, Executive Coach

Nicole Wanstall
Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Donella Roberts
Head of Digital Learning and Client Experience

Bree Kloda-Pavitt
Head of Marketing

Sarah Condon
Senior Consultant

Marco Ineichen
Finance Manager


Our Essence

Committed to successful business outcomes through deep leadership and organisational growth and change.

Our Values

  • Responsibility
  • Practice team
  • Knowledge growth
  • Ethical and professional behaviour
  • Relationships


SMG’s Ethical Conduct

Our values are built on our vision of developing purpose-driven leaders who
inspire and empower individuals, organisations and communities to thrive. In
this respect, we value:

  • The responsibility we have for developing the leaders of today and
  • The knowledge, experience and commitment of our colleagues to achieve
    the best outcomes from executive coaching, mentoring and leadership
    development programs, aligned with strategic intent of the organisation
  • Enhancing knowledge and practice in leadership development and learning by contributing to thought leadership in our field
  • Our relationships with our clients at both individual and organisational
    levels; and
  • Ethical and professional behaviour in all that we do.


Formed in 2005 from the merger of The Stephenson Partnership and The Mansell Group, both founded in 1998, SMG has been at the forefront of executive coaching, mentoring and leadership development operating for over two decades.

During that time, we have worked with more than 10,000 leaders in over 600 organisations including 30 of the top 50 ASX listed companies. In 2017, SMG founded the Centre for Integral Leadership Asia, headquartered in Singapore, to provide clients throughout the Asia Pacific Region with the same quality of service and commitment to the development of leadership capability for which we are so well known in Australia.  

Our commitment to professional development, consistency of process, solidity of structure, client service ethic and quality of service are key ingredients in our ongoing success. 


A defining characteristic of our practice is our capability to deliver consistent executive coaching, mentoring, leadership development and organisational culture change interventions to regional and international clients through our alliance partnerships with top-tier, like minded leaders in the coaching and leadership development arena.

SMG has established collaborative partnerships with:

centre creative leadership
Centre for coaching