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Globally, coaching and mentoring  are considered to be the most effective solutions for ensuring sustained high performance from an organisation’s most critical talent. For more than twenty years, some of the best performing organisations in the region have entrusted SMG to provide these services.


Executive coaching enables participants to target and attain advanced levels of personal and professional performance aligned with the strategic priorities of the organisation. It is outcome focused with defined goals both operationally and strategically. Executive coaching provides insight and develops the vital skills and mindset for overall leadership effectiveness in the current business context.


Executive mentoring provides the C-suite executive with a confidential environment to explore their role impact with a trusted advisor. Executives are matched with a highly trained SMG Mentor with commensurate corporate experience. By providing new perspective and insight, SMG Mentors enable the executive leader to meet and exceed their professional context-specific objectives.

C Suite Executive
Coaching & Mentoring

Executive coaching and mentoring further develops the executive’s leadership and career potential to ensure they are positioned for long term career success within the complexities of the organisational system. The C-suite mentor-coach has the skills to facilitate advanced levels of leadership effectiveness and performance. They can both advise and enable behavioural change outcomes.


We understand organisation and business context and are trained to get to the core issues quickly to provide both insight and practical strategies and techniques to empower executives to maximise their effectiveness.


Matching the appropriate mentor/coach with the participating executive based on a comprehensive brief.

A needs analysis is conducted using the coaching brief, 360 assessment and/or 3rd party interviews, and previous feedback data to identify areas of strength and areas for development to ensure specific success outcomes.

Relationship builds trust and rapport, understanding the executive’s patterns, drivers and motivators.

Outcomes-oriented development goals are measured for impact on self, others and the organisation for sustained change via stakeholder engagement, sponsorship and feedback.


Our world class coaches and mentors are hand selected, trained and engage in regular ongoing professional development and supervision to ensure the highest standards are performed.  Their experience is unparallel with their track record as leaders, their senior executive experience and their commitment to training and qualifications in coaching and mentoring practices including Coaching Masters, degrees and diplomas and certificates.  

Types of coaching & mentoring:

  • C suite executives both new to role and for performance enhancement
  • Candidate coaching and mentoring for CEO succession
  • Executive transition from new leader/ manager to leadership role
  • Performance and high impact
  • Integration following a leadership development experience
  • Executive career transition to enhance role performance and impact
  • Emerging and future leaders to accelerate their development
  • Executive presence and impact critical for any leader’s success
  • Communication and influencing required for all leaders


Increases self-awareness, overall EQ with increased empathy at work and home.

Broader repertoire of
interpersonal skills to draw upon.

Understanding individual difference to build 360 relationships.

Helps drive significant change.

Provides constructive and balanced feedback in a safe and confidential environment.

Questions and challenges beliefs, values, perspectives.

Provides an opportunity to refine leadership impact and growth not only as a leader but as a person.

Increased confidence which enhances, decision making, dealing with complex environments.

Reduces stress and anxiety with more informed choices to live with more balance.


Team Coaching

Team coaching is used with intact teams to help them function more cohesively, more collaboratively and more efficiently as a team on shared challenges and opportunities. The goal of team coaching is to develop the team collectively so that it is greater than the sum of its parts – increasing the value that it provides to its stakeholders.   

Group Coaching

Group coaching is used with peers who do not necessarily share a common goal or challenge. The goal of group coaching is the development of the individuals within the group so that they can better engage their stakeholders. In this process, one person is being coached at a time, while the other participants learn from observing and interacting with the conversation.  

Coaching Pods

The deliberate, structured and process-oriented approach enables the group to focus on the needs of an individual colleague, supporting them to explore their chosen coaching goal, and to find their own solutions.

This supportive and curiosity-based environment supports participants to break through their limiting beliefs, unproductive behaviours or frustrated aspirations, often achieving profound outcomes.



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Coaching for
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