SMG is a full-service global leadership development organisation: We grow leaders! Leveraging academic rigour, deep behavioural change expertise and commercial experience, SMG develops leaders, teams and individuals, enabling them to achieve better personal and business results.


Our customised, cutting edge partnerships and programs are pragmatic, solution-oriented and geared to transform your business at the core.

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Analysis of Needs

SMG leadership development programs cover both core and distinctive executive and organisational needs. They are informed and customised via penetrating individual and organisational needs analyses.

Core Programs

  • The Organisational Leader
  • Team Effectiveness
  • The Focused Executive
  • Building coaching into the DNA of organisations
  • Team and Group Effectiveness
  • Manager/Leader as Coach.

Customised Programs

Advanced executive development programs empower leadership teams to achieve organisational goals, transforming organisational culture from the inside out – enabling change yet retaining authenticity.

Customised programs incorporate:

  • individual/leadership team needs analyses;
  • integrated diagnostics;
  • teamwork on key leadership topics;
  • one-on-one executive coaching and/or mentoring.


1.What needs to happen? (Important Questions)

  • How do we upgrade existing leadership styles and strategies in alignment with your organisational goals?
  • How will your CEO/Board/top teams work differently to fulfil their highest potentials?
  • How will this impact on the performance and culture of your group?
  • What does a successful outcome look like for your organisation in the broader context?

2.How will it be achieved? (Listening, partnering and collaborating)

At SMG, we partner with our client organisations and key stakeholders to understand their personal and professional needs and develop a dynamic “change agenda”. This includes:

  • enabling leaders to build trust in themselves, and consequently build trust in others;
  • employing high levels of expertise and deep emotional intelligence to get to core issues and achieve sustainable behavioural change
  • Using psychological frameworks, methodologies and processes to improve empathy and communication;
  • conducting a comprehensive needs analysis aimed at developing leaders and teams to their highest potentials;
  • aligning key stakeholders (based on needs analyses, incl. 360° analysis) and selecting the best facilitators and/or coaches to meet the various needs identified ;
  • facilitating collaboration between client and resource teams towards honing your program designs;
  • engaging key participants to launch programs and initiate your new leadership agenda.

3.Implementation (via superior delivery, engagement and continual refining)

We deliver:

  • 360° diagnostics; workshops, team observation sessions and one-on-one executive coaching and/or mentoring sessions conducted over a 6-9 month period;
  • focused workshops dealing with live business issues and core leadership development learning every 4-6 weeks, supported by one-on-one sessions in the interim;
  • client reviews of workshops conducted; co-design of subsequent workshops, meeting current issues with key team leadership education;
  • refinement of program goals to support sustained executive leadership excellence.

4.Program Evaluation and Review. (What did we achieve?)

In the process of evaluating outcomes and promoting sustained success, we:

  • evaluate the outcomes with key stakeholders;
  • ensure the ongoing maintenance of a new high-performance leadership culture;
  • make strategy recommendations for retaining staff and embedding the positive changes achieved;
  • submit a final evaluation report.

5.Key Client Outcomes

These include:

  • powerful personal success outcomes in alliance with organisational strategies;
  • vision alignment between all key stakeholders and program participants;
  • an agreed “change agenda” highlighting desired shifts in individual and team leadership, performance and organisational culture;
  • ultimately, the growth of leaders into their full potentials, encompassing their highest levels of personal effectiveness, insight and empathy;
  • leadership excellence bringing personal fulfilment and organisational success.

Outcomes of SMG Leadership Development Programs:

SMG’s leadership development programs help you to:

  • increase your efficiency so that you get more hours back in your day and can spend more quality time with your family;
  • offer clarity of purpose and increased effectiveness for your leadership team;
  • adopt self-motivated constructive behaviours;
  • improve team performance and personal achievement;
  • build lasting, trusting relationships, inspiring trust in yourself and others;
  • enhance your clarity of communication and develop an intrinsic common language;
  • increase your capacity to engage in powerful, influential conversations; give and receive feedback; empower and delegate, coach and mentor others with empathy and insight;
  • develop a rewarding personal commitment to achieving whole-of-company commercial objectives;
  • achieve a fine balance between your executive authority and empathetic leadership styles;
  • collaborate in an open, honest, trusting and enjoyable manner thanks to new interpersonal skills;
  • become self-sustaining via the provision of necessary tools and techniques;

Another favourable outcome is that your senior management/leadership team becomes the template for high-performance teams throughout your organisation, driving powerful top-down organisational change.

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What our clients say:

“Leadership development has been a key focus for us; working with the Stephenson Mansell Group provided an approach that built on existing work and opened up new avenues, especially ones that led to a broadening of the commercial skills of our more senior leaders.”

– Airline Industry Executive

“What I’ve enjoyed about mentoring has been the opportunity to develop and challenge myself, and my mentor has been instrumental in giving me the necessary confidence and self-belief. She has great skill in cutting through the noise and excuses, and I’ve gained insights about my reactions and behaviour and what I can do to create my own outcomes and results.”

– CEO, Retail

“My mentor is one of those rare individuals who concentrates on who you are, not what you want or what you’ve done. His belief in the importance of character and personal congruence to professional aspiration are enormously valuable. He has provided me with perspective, with counsel, with challenge and with opportunities.”

– Financial Services Executive

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