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Supporting employees in critical moments of their career

We believe everyone deserves support through career transition. Future of work trends tell us that employees will experience more career transitions than ever before. They will transition up, across or out of various positions, while navigating ongoing change within their existing role, team and organisation. By supporting individuals in those important career moments, organisations will safeguard the culture, engagement, wellbeing and performance needed to adapt and grow.

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Transitioning into a new role, team, organisation and culture is one of the most significant events in one’s career. With the right support, staff are engaged, confident and able to make an impact faster.

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Employees who are clear and confident about their career goals and assets are able to be redeployed across the organisation. This level of agility ensures that the right person is solving the right business problem at the right time.

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Being promoted doesn’t automatically instil new leaders with the skills and capabilities required at the next level. They need and deserve support. Mining for talent also provides more opportunity or high potential employees and greater career mobility.

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Organisations are shifting to new ways of working. Building resilience and change adaptability to thrive in the hybrid work environment is key to facilitate this transition, as is keeping your staff engaged with the business purpose.

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Employees impacted by role redundancy need support for career transition and wellness coaching. Successful business transitions require planning for the people side of change and engaging remaining employees to maintain engagement and productivity.

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Returning to work after a long period of leave often calls for re-onboarding and is often an opportunity to assess role fit, career goals, training needs and flexible working arrangements. Effective planning is key to supporting parents and other employees to return to work with confidence.


Career Development Coaching Pilot

Effective career development conversations with critical leaders solves for a number of organisational challenges, including tackling talent shortages, retaining top talent and enabling mobility and agility.

To support current and emerging leaders with career development and progression, SMG has launched a pilot coaching program, ready to deploy with your top talent.


After a restructure, change or downsizing project has been successfully implemented, the business transformation is about to begin. Remaining staff, teams and managers need to adapt to their own changing role and career, which involves creating a new organisation in a challenging environment of uncertainty.

We believe that everyone deserves full support and that includes the remaining organisation. Our purpose is to ensure that staff and managers have the tools and resources that they need to adapt and thrive. This includes:

  • Managing change workshops for staff;
  • Leading change workshops and coaching for people managers.

Understanding the people side of change is vital for the executive team’s situational awareness, so we use the same specialised diagnostic tools to assess the organisation’s change experience. This provides a barometer of the business as well as specific and critical examples of what management need to do to embed the change and look after staff.


Career coaching

Career Coaching

Career transition is a very personal and private experience so our career coaches work directly, one on one with each client to understand their unique needs, drivers and circumstances. In this way, each client’s personal career coach is able to facilitate their specific objectives in a targeted and tailored way.


Talent Mobility

Having the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time, requires a thoughtful methodology to understand the career goals, capabilities and development needs of your employees. The best talent mobility initiatives also include support for individuals as they explore and transition into new roles.



Our focus on career and wellness helps our clients to be at their best throughout their transition mentally, emotionally and physically. While achieving their career aspirations, SMG clients experience a 28% boost to their overall wellness profile.


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Career Planning Tools

An opportunity to explore different pathways and options aligned to what you love to do.



Understanding your career assets, drivers and values.

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Work Preferences

In-depth assessment of strengths, assets and preferences unlock hidden potential.

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Resume Building

An updated and contemporary resume based on your assets and career goals.

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Job Search

Going to market with the top 5 job search channels.

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Social Media

How to use social media through career transition, including LinkedIn.



Activating your network.


Interview Preparation

Preparation for every aspect of the interview.

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Financial Planning

A financial plan designed around your transition needs by your own specialist financial planner.



Being at your best through career transition and beyond.


The First 100 Days

Coaching to make an impact in your new role.




Lifetime access to career development advice, resources and networks.



100% of clients successfully transition.

75.8% of clients transition in 12 weeks.

55% of clients move to a higher remuneration package.

1 in 4 clients move to a role which is a ‘step up’ in level.

With a clear and confident articulation of career assets and drivers, career transition represents an opportunity for advanced career development and remuneration with a move to the right role.


20.7% of clients move back into the same role in the same industry.

58.7% of clients however choose to pivot their career by changing either their role type or their industry to achieve greater career fulfillment.

1 in 5 clients choose to take this opportunity and do something completely different with their life and career.

Career transition is an opportunity to connect with what is important to you and to choose the right career path on your terms.


After an SMG Career Transition program, clients experience a 28% boost in personal wellness, including:

39% boost to self esteem;

30% more energy;

25% greater focus & concentration;

23% more optimism; and

21% greater resilience.

SMG career transition is a holistic experience which impacts life and career.


“Having used many career management companies throughout my career, I was delighted to finally find a firm that genuinely cares about their clients. The SMG programs are perfectly tailored to suit our needs and I consistently receive positive feedback from the participants.”

— Human Resources Director – Asia Pacific

“I honestly didn’t think I’d get something so soon. Thanks so much again, your input and guidance has been an enormous help. I don’t think I would have secured a role so quickly without it.”

— Career coaching client