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We bring to our executive coaching, mentoring, leadership development and culture change solutions a unique combination of commercial acumen and deep expertise in behavioural change. We partner, we collaborate and we think with our clients in supporting their development strategy. Our customised solutions are designed to equip you and your organisation in building future ready, robust organisations, sharing best practice in global leadership development.

Executive Coaching
& Mentoring

Our reputation as one of the region’s most trusted executive development organisations comes from a distinguished track record of success. Our high-quality coaching and mentoring programs are delivered by rigorously trained coaches and mentors. They enable participants to attain advanced levels of personal and professional performance at every level and stage of their career –in alignment with organisational priorities.



In leadership development, context is everything. Our starting point is to analyse and understand the organisational context. We then bring our expertise in behavioural change to design and deploy bespoke leadership development programs and solutions that deliver sustainable performance improvements for leaders and teams at every level.

Executive Team

Organisations rely on their senior leaders to be the vanguards of change in an increasingly fast-paced and disruptive business environment. We support intact executive teams to become more cohesive, providing a catalyst for accelerated and aligned strategy execution.

Business people

Coaching for
Culture Change

We apply a simple yet profound principle to organisational culture change: leadership behaviours and organisational culture are inextricably linked. We help deliver high performing cultures aligned with the organisation’s strategy, by supporting leaders across an enterprise to envision, embrace, execute, and embed the desired behavioural changes from within.

Technology-led Data

The holy grail of learning and development is tracking and measuring success. That is why we offer the option of integrating world leading technologies that can provide data and insight into our coaching and leadership development solutions.


Digital Learning

Through applying adult learning theory to the best digital learning platforms and microlearning technologies, we are continually re-inventing learning in the digital environment. We craft innovative solutions at scale for measurable, cost-effective and client-specific outcomes.

Programs & Events

Our public programs support the current and next generation of leaders at each stage of their leadership journey. Our events bring to you insight and the latest thinking from local and global thought leaders.


The Context:
Our client is a global ASX Listed Company with its top tier of leaders in Australia and the US. The company grew rapidly in recent years through acquisition. While systems and processes were integrated into a cohesive whole, leaders continued to operate in silos. Key to the successful implementation of a new strategy to ‘win in every market’ was the move towards much more collaboration across the global business.

The Opportunity:
Seventy of the company’s top leadership converged in Melbourne for a 3-day leadership conference. The Global CEO engaged SMG to design and plan this leadership event and the subsequent plan to drive collaboration across the business.

The Solution:
The 3-day leadership conference served as a launch-pad for the ongoing development work. It became clear that a critical success factor for the formation of a culture of collaboration was ownership and accountability driven from the top. As a result, SMG designed the various elements of the leadership conference and then coached the executive to deliver them. The delegates left the conference as empowered and aligned advocates of a culture of collaboration.

Over the course of the year, SMG worked closely with the executive to ensure the implementation of the action plan formulated at the conference, including the co-creation and dissemination of a bespoke leadership development framework centred around collaboration.

The Outcome:
The company’s annual engagement survey showed that leadership had improved on every metric at an average of 10 points, including:

  • Collaboration
  • Leadership effectiveness and impact
  • Overall engagement levels




The Context  

The business environment for this FMCG is highly competitive with pressure from the big customers and big brand competitors with extremely tight margins. Since since a recent takeover the performance expectations have increased significantly.

The Opportunity 

The organisation saw an opportunity to provide Mentoring to optimise his effectiveness of the CFO in the role and set up a progression plan for him to potentially step up into the CEO role. The CFO had already developed a strong leadership style which has enabled his growth to this level, the focus was to now optimise his effectiveness as the company grows  and to build a high performing team which would require a broader repertoire of leadership skills.

The Solution  

the solution was as extensive Mentoring engagement with one of SMG’s C-Suite Mentors.

The Outcome 

“I have worked with Peter for over 12 months and during this time we have formed a strong and valuable partnership.  Peter has acted as a confidant and sounding board, being ready, willing, and able to listen on any topic or discuss any matter that was relevant to my work and personal experiences.  He is always ready to extend my thinking ensuring that I challenge myself in finding solutions and sharing experiences that have enabled me to grow as an executive leader and a person.”


The Context  

The organisation was going through an extensive period of transformation as it moved into a new phase of business. This resulted in large strategic and operational changes within the organisation.

The Opportunity 

The organisation saw an opportunity to build the leadership capability of its entire senior leadership cohort to ensure that they were equipped to lead the organisation effectively into this new phase of the business.

The Solution  

The solution involved providing 360 feedback and Executive Coaching to a cohort of 200 leaders over a 12 month period.

The Outcome 

Example of feedback from the coaching:

“Gabrielle’s ability to challenge in a constructive and supportive manner helped me see myself more clearly, identify what is important to me and work towards achieving it. She has helped me materially improve my performance and realise more of my potential by changing the way I think about myself and change patterns that were holding me back. Gabrielle gave me the tools I need to help me continue to develop and become more successful. The feedback from my CEO and executive team has been very positive”.   

Finance Director, Telecommunications 

The Context:
The client identified that, with its strategic intent to become Australia’s most loved service brand, there needed to be alignment between what they offered the market and how they operated internally.

The Opportunity:
Transforming the culture was vital, with leaders being key enablers of this change. It was essential for leaders to fulfil the brand promise through fostering greater high-performance collaboration and engaging in a different kind of conversation across the business.

The Solution:
SMG was chosen to partner with the client because the solution we presented was the right blend of theory and practice that would support leaders at all levels in the Company. What really resonated with the selection committee was the concept of coaching PODS which enabled leaders to “feel” what it was like to be coached and to work on a real problem that others were also facing. After several pilots, the program was launched to the business.

The Outcome:
Leaders embraced the practice of leadership conversations – coaching, feedback and courageous – as a key factor in effecting culture change and quickly saw the benefits with their people. Leaders began to use the concept of coaching PODS in other elements of their work e.g. strategy sessions, innovation days to solve problems. Over 500 executives participated in the program with evaluations indicating that participants universally found it relevant to their roles, an effective use of their time and would recommend the program to colleagues.