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Executive Team



Globally, the most successful executive teams are the ones that operate cohesively and at speed. These top teams are shown to
outperform their competitors by a wide margin on profitability, operational resilience, organizational health, and growth. What sets
them apart is that they have transitioned from a team of star executives to an executive star team. This idea forms the basis of our
approach to helping executive teams move from good to exceptional.


of direction, purpose, and accountabilities

Lack of clarity is one of the key inhibitors of high performance at the executive level. By helping the team establish clarity and alignment around vision, direction, purpose, and accountabilities, teams quickly establish heightened levels of trust leading to faster and more effective decision-making.


in ways of working, behaviourally and operationally

Clarity is just the starting point. We help ensure executive teams reconfigure and optimise their operating cadence and help them align around a ‘plan on a page’ so that they can move as a cohesive unit in the implementation of their strategy.


with the team and the enterprise

Like a lack of clarity, organisational silos create a powerful handbrake to executing at speed. We help executive teams achieve more through developing their ability for “perspective taking” within the team and across the enterprise.


to interact with radical candour

The most effective executive teams create an environment in which everyone feels safe to challenge entrenched beliefs and limiting assumptions. We bring our expertise of one-on-one executive coaching to help each executive grow individually, and as part of the team, to collectively establish a self-propelling team environment of safety and constructive challenge.


internally and externally

High performing Executive teams cannot afford to stand still in a maelstrom of change. We bring external insight to help teams look beyond the immediate horizon. We work with our clients to instil a culture of continuous learning so that they are not just keeping pace with change but setting the pace.


Our approach is grounded in the works of Patrick Lencioni (5 Dysfunctions of a Team) and Peter Hawkins (5 Disciplines of High Performing Teams) and revolves around a series of structured workshops as the foundation for the program. These vary dependant on the stage of the team development, the issues uncovered in the Needs Analysis and the specific outcomes required of the group.

They could include:

  • Launch session : setting the objectives, vision and goals
  • Building trust : the foundation of any effective team
  • How to offer and receive both appreciative and constructive feedback
  • Leading change : how leaders engage, listen, and communicate any change is key
  • Seeking and honouring commitments
  • Influencing for outcomes
  • Developing a coaching style of relating
  • Effective team decision-making skills


In order to support the work done with the team our highly experienced coaches and mentors work with the individual senior leaders

Executive coaching program for all members of the Executive Team

Profiling to develop a greater self-awareness and understand how they are perceived by others


“Thank you for the incredible program facilitated with our team. The delivery of the content was amazing as was the coaching of individuals to bring their best executive selves. The program was also an excellent way to build that safe environment for a team to give constructive feedback to each other and progress towards being a high performing team.”

– Commercial Director, Global Medical Device Technology Company