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Our Case Studies

These SMG case studies focus on how we have, over a relatively short period, developed a series of leadership values which have enabled companies, CEO’s and executives to reflect these improvements in their service provision.

Executive Mentoring

Case Studies

1.Major Financial Services Organisation


The organisation had recently been acquired by an overseas entity.

The local CEO wanted to work with a mentor to explore effective ways to work with his offshore CEO and to develop relationships with- and influence- his peers and head office colleagues. He also wanted to seek counsel on local leadership issues, including dealing with external stakeholders and market-driven issues.


We developed a 12-month executive mentoring program, where the local CEO was matched with a highly experienced financial services CEO turned mentor, who had personally experienced almost identical issues and challenges to those being faced by the local CEO.


A highly successful mentoring program which has resulted in the local CEO being given additional responsibilities as a valued member of the new international organisation.


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