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Our Case Studies

These SMG case studies focus on how we have, over a relatively short period, developed a series of leadership values which have enabled companies, CEO’s and executives to reflect these improvements in their service provision.

Culture Change

Case Studies

1.Global Company in Manufacturing, Distributing, Marketing and Sales


Change the culture to a more engaged, less tense organisation, with people at all levels working together with higher levels of relationship, connection and collaboration.


Our program embraced the CEO and the organisation’s top 70 executives. We developed a top-down program incorporating two central components:

  • a series of focused workshops to enhance coaching and development skills and outcomes
  • group coaching to embed self-sustaining coaching teams.

The CEO and senior executives have completed the first phase, with the program to be rolled out over the next three years, cascading to team leaders and senior operational personnel.


Objectives are being achieved as a new common language develops – leading to enhanced relationships and positive organisational outcomes at all levels.


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Advanced Leader
As a Coach

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