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Being capable when presenting online requires planning and the demonstration of specific skills, ones that can be drawn from the broadcasting world.

Our general comfort levels with delivering presentations on platforms like Teams and zoom seems to have increased measurably in recent years—thanks, in part, to a global pandemic that thrust us all into a brave new world of virtual communication.

In a sense, we have all become broadcasters—albeit to audiences of internal stakeholders or external clients.

But being comfortable presenting in the virtual environment is not the same as being capable.

Being capable requires deliberate planning and the demonstration of specific micro presenting skills that convey clarity, command, and confidence.

In this 2.5-hour virtual Learning Lab, you will be learning some of the principles for creating presence and impact when presenting online.

Learning objectives:

  • Know how to “own” your own confidence when presenting virtually
  • Explore mental strategies for being the best version of yourself in a virtual environment
  • Explore how to consciously create the right impression every time using structure, voice, posture, eye-contact
  • Learn and practice practical approaches for demonstrating executive presence
  • Learn how to use energy to convey confidence and gravitas

About the facilitator:

Mehul Joshi was formerly an award-winning news journalist for the BBC in the UK. He is now a Senior Partner at Executive Development firm, SMG.


Dates 2023:

  • Friday 28 July, 9.00-11.30am
  • Friday 25 August, 9.00-11.30am

Registration Price: $750 +GST per person

Inclusions: Full 2.5 hour virtual workshop and individualised feedback

Register your interest here: info@smgrp.com.au

The Learning Lab is highly participatory and involves participants receiving individualised feedback. Therefore, spaces are capped at 8 participants.