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The Crucial Importance of Cultivating a Culture of Innovation


The Art of Leadership Newsletter

There are few signs of immediate relief to the human and economic distress associated with this global pandemic. Resilient and focused leadership has never been more important. In this newsletter we focus on one of the most needed leadership attributes – reimagining the future through creating a culture of innovation and new thinking. In our latest webinar we brought together a world-class panel of experts to give a perspective on how to do just that. Our blog is an insightful and thought provoking 6-minutes of that webinar. View it below.

We continue to offer our complementary Lunch and Learn Webinars and virtual networking Learning Lab Conversations series this month. Our next networking Lab (on next Thursday) features Dr Be Pannell and focuses on how to develop leaders with the right balance between EQ and IQ to be able to lead successfully. Whilst our next Webinar, featuring John Buchanan, Former Australian Cricket Team Coach and Trek Bicycles Asia Pacific Managing Director, Phil McGlade, explores cultivating collaboration and teamwork. 

Virginia Mansell
Founding Partner

The Crucial Importance of Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Bold leadership has never been more important. As we face into some of the strongest and most disruptive economic headwinds in decades, the fate of many organisations will rest on how their leaders think and act.  History has shown us that the organisations that thrive in such conditions are the ones that focus on reimaging and reinventing their own future.

This month we share with you a valuable 6-minute segment of our webinar on Leading a Culture of Innovation, featuring Innosight’s Scott D. Anthony, ranked #9 most influential thinker in the world by Thinkers50, Dr Amantha Imber, organisational psychologist, best-selling author, and founder of Inventium, and Anshika Grover Associate Director, 5G Future Innovation with OPTUS, as they discuss how leaders can develop the most important behaviours and characterics that drive innovation.

What’s On

Session Two: “What’s in a number? The balance between EQ & IQ during uncertainty​”
Online – Thursday 23rd July 2020, 12.00 – 1.00pm AEST

In the face of ongoing unprecidented uncertainty, is it our emotional capacity or our intelligence which gets us through? How do we develop leaders with the right balance between EQ and IQ to be able to lead successfully in times of change and uncertainty?

Joined in conversation with Virginia Mansell and Dr Be Pannell, participants will discuss the components of EQ & IQ and how each have an effect on others around us.

Register Here (Places strictly limited to 100 participants)

Learning Lab Conversations

This Series allows you to connect with both thought leaders and peers to discuss the big ideas and issues in a collaborative and inspiring way. The sessions include facilitated discussion, followed by smaller group breakouts, and conclude with group sharing.


Cultivating Collaboration in a Crisis

COVID-19 has highlighted the crucial importance of effective collaboration within and across teams. Many leaders are discovering that the most complex organisational problems generated by the pandemic are best solved at the crucial intersection of differing perspectives and cross-functional expertise. However, crises also make people more risk-averse, meaning they are less likely to seek out different perspectives.

In this webinar, our panel of expert including, Former Australian Cricket Team Coach, John Buchanan, psychologist and SMG Founding Partner, Virginia Mansell, and Trek Bicycles Asia Pacific Managing Director, Phil McGlade, explore:

• How the pandemic has impacted our ability to collaborate and the ability of teams to work effectively
• The difference between effective and ineffective collaboration
• Strategies for promoting effective collaboration

LIVE: Monday 27th July 2020   12.00-1.00pm AEST

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Collaboration 30-second Survey

Collaboration is key to survival when facing complex organisational problems. How do we build a culture of collaboration?

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Executive Presence and Impact Workshop with Peter Kingston – In Person 

Following strict guidelines, we will be running our popular Executive Presence and Impact Program in Sydney and Brisbane.

Peter’s ability to engage with his audience and personally encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone and challenge the way they present themselves, makes this a program not-to-be-missed.


BRISBANE: 20th August 2020            Only 2 places remaining
SYDNEY:12th November 2020

Explore our new virtual resources and programs to support leaders through COVID-19
The dramatic impacts of COVID-19 on organisations and their people has meant that leaders have had to find a new level of agility and adaptability.

Our COVID-19 resources including dedicated Webinars, Downloadable Resources, One-on-One and Team Virtual Programs have been specifically developed to help you and your organisation meet changing needs.

Explore our new virtual resources to support leaders through COVID-19

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Access all our past webinar recordings, slides and supporting downloads from the past months covering a range of topics from Strategic Leadership, to Communicating in a Virtual World, Leading through Uncertainty, to Innovation and Future-Proofing Leadership.

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