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Championing a Speak Up Culture is a developmental pathway for senior leaders wanting to build one of the most important and emerging leadership traits – the ability to cultivate an inclusive culture in which people feel safe to ask questions, take risks, and challenge the status quo.


The Hayne Royal Commission and the Prudential regulator have brought this leadership capability centre stage. They have shone a bright light on how ‘speak up’ cultures are critical in exposing risk and misconduct.

Speak up cultures have an added benefit—they promote cross-functional collaboration and high performance in teams.

Key Components of the Program:

360 PSI (Psychological Safety Index) Assessment tool measures a leader and team’s ability to create a speak up culture


Leadership offsite to explore the components of a ‘speak up’ culture


Exercises to develop strengths and uncover “blind spots”


Practising skills that cultivate a ‘speak up culture’ in different  leadership contexts.


Reassessment using the 360 (Psychological Safety Index ®)


Learning Outcomes:


  • Benchmark their ability to build a speak up culture
  • Build self-awareness of individual and collective behaviours that support and erode a speak up culture.
  • Practice and develop specific leadership skills that cultivate a speak up culture
  • Realise measurable performance improvement after implementing these skills

The Leadership Developmental Pathway

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