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Edmond coached me on a range of issues as I assimilated into my role as a new Director. He made me work hard to envision an overarching purpose for my work unit as well as provide strategies on how to work well with those above, around and reporting to me.

Edmond asked hard questions which required me to think and come up with an action plan. In particular, I recalled him challenging me to articulate my vision for the department and to make it the basis for all I do.”

Public Sector Organisation

Edmond Khoo

Edmond coaches, mentors and facilitates leadership training for high potential talent and those in senior management, especially those transitioning to higher appointment. He nurtures leaders designated for future roles at the higher level. He adds value by helping them navigate the boardroom, their line leaders , peers and team members. This usually translates to giving vision and direction to a team that is new to them, gaining the respect of peers who may be more experienced than they are, and managing the expectations of those above them.

Coachees benefit immensely from Edmond’s 14 years as Deputy CEO of a large public higher education institute in Singapore, with 1,400 staff and 14,000 students.

He was Senior Advisor for 3 years following his official retirement.

His experience includes several senior management positions such as Director of Staff Capability Development, Director of Strategic & Quality Development, Director of Interdisciplinary & General Studies, and Director of the Centre for Character and Leadership Education, just to name a few. He was instrumental in setting up and being the pioneer in starting these new portfolios. In addition, Edmond has also overseen areas such as HR, International Relations, Industry Services, Corporate Communications, Estates and Facilities Management and Transcultural Studies.

Prior to his calling to academia, Edmond was an Assistant Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry, in the Singapore government’s premier Administrative Service, and in the latter years of his career in education, he was a Board Member of the Council for Private Education, Singapore. Of all his key positions and roles, however, the envisioning and setting up of the Centre for Character & Leadership Education (CCLE) in 1996 holds special meaning to him for the potential it has for contributing towards values-driven education till this day.


As a leadership coach, Edmond zeroes in on the character attributes of leaders, and emphasizes that leaders consistently and integrally be the same person whether at home, in the workplace, or the community. Edmond advocates that leaders find their ‘sweet spot’ as he strives to help them articulate their values, passion and strengths, and bring all three into alignment.


Edmond holds an Honours Degree in Economics from the Flinders University under the Colombo Plan Scholarship. He is a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC); a Certified Professional Corporate Coach of International Corporate Coaching (ICC), Singapore Management University (SMU); and a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team; Edmond is also a DISC Certified Human Behaviour Consultant, Leadership Institute of America.

Personal Insights

Edmond and his wife are actively engaged in Christian ministry, and very much enjoy and find meaningful the privilege of passing on a values and character-laden legacy to their children and grandchildren.