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A pilot program to support career development

Effective career development conversations with critical leaders, emerging leaders and top talent, solves for a number of organisational challenges:​

1. The talent shortage

Over 80% of large and medium businesses are unable to find talent [ABS]. This is now the #1 barrier for most organisations to achieve their strategic and commercial objectives.​

Retaining, developing and redeploying key leaders is the top priority for every board, CEO and executive team.​

2. Agile talent agenda​

Organisations who are able to redeploy quickly are 2.2 times more likely to outperform their competition [McKinsey] and this means having the right leader, solving the right business problem at the right time. 2 out of these 3 is not going to be enough. This requires a more agile approach to leadership development that doesn’t fit the traditional model.​

3. Conversation Gap​

While leadership training and coaching is often being provided, one gap we’ve identified is specific support for leaders in having ‘career development conversations’.​

Addressing this now goes a long way to retaining your top leadership talent.


A structured, blended and tailored development experience over 4 week ensures that each client:​

  • identifies their career aspirations and development priorities;​
  • works with an executive career coach to define their development action plan;​
  • accesses world class tools, coaching and resources that challenge, stretch and support; and​
  • has a highly effective career conversation with their manager.​


  Clear career and development goals identified, documented and agreed

 Targeted development plan focused on developing critical experiences ‘on the job’

 Effective career conversations

 Top talent engaged and retained

 Key talent redeployed quickly and decisively to create value

 Managers’ confidence and capability to conduct career discussions