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A six-module development program for high-performance leadership

Through engaging with hundreds of executive coaching and leadership development programs every year, we have observed 9 key recurring issues that exist across every organisation. Leadership Essentials is designed to address these issues at a senior leadership level.

The program of six half-days or 3-hour in-person or virtual modules has been shaped for leaders whose impact is felt across multiple teams or multiple functions. The effect of enhancing the leadership capabilities of these individuals will therefore have a ripple effect up and down their organisations.

Learning objectives

1. High Performance Leadership

  • Strengthen characteristics that are most valued in leaders and set personal leadership goals.
  • Understand the importance of ‘perspective taking’ as it relates to leadership and the importance of getting off the ‘dance floor’ and onto the ‘balcony.’
  • Explore and commit to strategies for getting on the ‘balcony’ more often.
  • Practise building personal emotional intelligence and awareness.
  • Demonstrate a leadership mindset.

2. Influencing Techniques

  • Understand the difference between influence and persuasion.
  • Strengthen ability to map their potential influence within the organisation and use it to drive results.
  • Create strategies for strengthening relationships which strengthen influence.
  • Develop strategies for increasing personal influence and practise these in real meeting scenarios.

3. Breaking Down Silos

  • Understand the importance that trust plays in building a high-performance team.
  • Understand the role ‘people styles’ plays in building trust.
  • Build appreciation for positive conflict.
  • Develop a framework for having difficult conversations.

4. Managing People Effectively

  • Learn how to show commitment and gain commitment from the people around you.
  • Understand the importance of accountability within teams and how to create an accountability culture.
  • Understand the different drivers that motivate people, and the role motivation plays in high performance teams.
  • Learn how to adjust your leadership style to get the most from the person in front of you.

5. Resilience at Work

  • Understand how to help employees connect to their ‘sweet spot’ and work with them to use this knowledge to create and sustain energy for their work.
  • Review the science of resilience and learn how to establish preventative and ‘in the moment’ strategies that create a more resilient self and workforce.
  • Apply the ideas of resilience to the forces that prevent change.

6. Leading Change

  • Understand the changing landscape of today’s business world.
  • Identify the different types of change that organisations experience.
  • Understand the change process and develop a framework for implementing change effectively.
  • Learn the art of storytelling as a tool for leading change.
  • Understand the role coaching plays in helping individuals and organisations to change.

Inclusions: 6 half-days in-person or virtual modules