Richard Clarke


Richard is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator, devoted to fostering the potential and performance of the leaders he supports.  Richard’s coaching is informed by psychological principles and is founded upon an evidence-based approach.

With a professional career spanning three decades, Richard brings a breadth of experience to his work.  As a human performance consultant with Accenture, Richard helped many client organisations to enable change associated with large scale business and IT transformations. He established the Accenture Learning Outsourcing business in Australia and managed end-to-end training operations for Telstra for Five years.

Richard also has experience running businesses as Chief Operating Officer for Simble and Stephenson Mansell Group. He managed all aspects of the business including finance, HR, customer services and product development.

As a leadership coach, Richard has a passion for helping people unlock their potential. He is ideally suited to work with leaders and teams who are looking to take the next step to maximise their performance. He brings a personalised and collaborative approach to coaching which seeks to empower the individual or team to have autonomy around their own development.


Sydney | +61 2 9950 2000 | Suite 1, 2/3 Shore, 13 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW 2000