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Russell gave me the skills, knowledge and self-awareness to transition my Leadership capability to earn the respect of our Global Leaders.

‘He was instrumental in enabling my skills to develop a very strong organisational culture.
‘In the time we worked together the business grew from A$180- A$700m annual turn over.”

Russell Alford

Russell has always been heavily invested in enabling senior executives to achieve their career potential. He works with a variety of assessment tools to provide the foundations to shape self-awareness and frame a pathway forward. He brings almost two decades of experience and insight to each coaching assignment.
He specialises in developing leaders and culture change and has worked across banking and financial services, retail and entertainment industries and in professional services.
Russell developed and led a Leadership team at Leo Burnett advertising in Melbourne that modelled an outstanding Culture and facilitated 400+% growth across 15 years of his Leadership. The success of the business was attributed to a ‘values based’ focus and a Leadership style that earnt Russell the nickname ‘Coach’
Russell established Humming a consulting business working across Asia Pacific that assisted small and large businesses frame and articulate successful business Cultures. Russell mentors a number of business owners and Senior Executives in Manufacturing, IT resourcing, Logistics, Advertising and Legal services through active participation with a number small business network groups. Some of this work is done on a pro bono basis.


Russell draws his coaching approach the belief that few executives realize their career potential. This drives a coaching approach that draws focus from what success should look and feel like. Russell assists his coachees to articulate a strong career narrative that serves as a career and role driving force.


Russell is accredited for MRG, CCL and TLC assessment tools. He completed Business Studies with Columbia.

Personal Insights

Russell nominates Travel and Road cycling as his key interests.