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I was looking for a coach who could assist in my personal development and progressing my career to the next level, especially around leadership skills and mentality. In these regards, Richard was the perfect coach.

His knowledge and insights from many years of experience in management and leadership, and his caring and friendly nature, provided me with the tool kit and the confidence to try new and innovative things that have had a positive effect not only on me but also on the people and environment that I work in”

Professor & Head of Department,
Business School

Richard Spilg

Richard supports leaders in taking charge of their futures and fulfilling their true potential – thereby enriching their own lives as well as those of others they influence. The value he adds comes through the practical application and combination of his commercial, executive, international and coaching experiences.

Richard’s career in investment banking, private banking, financial and professional services has included involvement with start-ups through to management of complex, highly regulated, multi-jurisdictional businesses. His CEO and Board experiences in South Africa, Australia, the UK and New Zealand have given him a unique understanding of what it takes to adapt to new environments, successfully engage across diverse cultures and build sustainable businesses.

On relocating from the UK to New Zealand in 2011, Richard became a certified coach with the International Coaching Community in order to supplement his business experience with a strong theoretical and practical understanding of coaching. This provides the foundation for Richard to support senior leaders who are under pressure to juggle priorities and deliver effective leadership in an increasingly complex environment.


Richard’s work is typically with existing or aspiring leaders who have an identified challenge or development need; been recently promoted; taken on new responsibilities; or are contemplating career change. Richard’s experience is that one-to-one coaching supports clients in achieving congruence between their personal and business objectives. His work with leadership teams, whose performance is dependent on successfully combining different skills, experiences and personalities, is informed by his commercial experience and the knowledge that organisations prosper when they are led by high-performing teams.

Personal Insights

Throughout his executive career, Richard has been involved in voluntary coaching and mentoring programmes that have given him insight into the motivators of diverse groups of individuals and how to be an effective contributor to their successes. His involvement in the voluntary sector has continued in New Zealand, working with NZ Business Mentors, Citizens Advice Bureau and Variety – the NZ children’s charity, where he is currently President having served on the Board since 2013 society.
Richard and his family live in Auckland. He is a keen golfer, tennis player and music lover with an (as yet) unfulfilled ambition to be a half-decent pianist swimming.