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Hercules has helped me understand the way I think, feel and behave in different circumstances. He has provided tools & techniques for me to challenge myself and improve.

Hercules helped me to reframe some problems as opportunities rather than obstacles. He provides the feedback that I may not want to hear and others are not willing to say. Hercules has helped me to become a better leader, partner, parent and friend.”

Hercules Kollias

Dr Hercules Kollias’ insights are derived from a professional background in medicine, surgery, neuroscience, and psychology, and are guided by his intuition and his direct experience of authentic living to help others realise their full potential, both personal and professional. His uncommon and unique style facilitates fresh approaches to challenges his clients are dealing with.

His clients come from the upper echelons of private enterprise, government, the political arena, the entrepreneurial space, and medical and surgical fields. He typically works with leaders who influence a lot of other people and who want to find their unique and perfect balance between responsibility and freedom, strength and vulnerability, power and influence, and success and fulfilment.

When not working as an executive coach, Hercules continues to work as a doctor in his capacity as an assistant surgeon working mostly in brain and spine surgery. He has delivered keynotes on leadership to business groups/conferences over the past 10 years, and he is also now working on his second personal and professional development book.


Hercules’ approach to coaching is simple and uncomplicated, and yet powerful and transformative. It has been described by many of his clients as being “an inch wide, and a mile deep”. Hercules himself sees the leader in every client, like a ‘David’ in a block of marble. He helps his clients use their own chisels to create their own leadership masterpieces. He simply guides them by helping them understand the balance between the art and the science.


Hercules’ education spans science, medicine and the arts. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Neuroscience & Psychology), University of Melbourne, Postgraduate research (Neuropathology & Neuropsychology), University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Queensland, Post-graduate study of Psychological Illness, University of Queensland , a Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training, Neuroscience-based coaching training, NeuroLeadership Group as well as The Leadership Circle 360 / Certification Levels 1 (Individual) & 2 (Culture).

Personal Insights

His personal interests include writing, social entrepreneurialism, future-serving legacy projects, the Performing Arts and Jazz.