Hercules Kollias


  • Transitioning to a different (eg operational to strategic) and/or more senior role
  • Developing an effective voice as a leader with fast access into the emotional state and personality type of the listener
  • Fine-tuning the balance between personal and professional priorities
  • Identification and resolution of personal issues affecting productivity and effectiveness


Dr Hercules Kollias combines his intellectual learning, his intuition and his direct experience of authentic living to help others realise their full potential, both personal and professional, through his unique style. His insights are derived from a professional background in medicine, science, psychology, and psychotherapy, and are fortified with a practical common-sense mastery of spiritual principles.

He typically works with leaders who influence a lot of people and who want to find their unique and perfect balance between responsibility and freedom, strength and vulnerability, power and influence, and success and fulfilment.

His clients come from the upper echelons of organisations, government, the political arena, the entrepreneurial space, and the medical and surgical fields.


  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Neuroscience & Psychology), University of Melbourne
  • Post-graduate research (Neuropathology & Neuropsychology), University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Queensland
  • Post-graduate study of Psychological Illness, University of Queensland
  • Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training
  • Coaching training, NeuroLeadership Group


Writing, social entrepreneurialism, future-serving legacy projects, performing arts, jazz.


”When I started working with Hercules, I was feeling lost and empty. Despite having a very successful career as a professional engineer and, at the same time, being an Australian champion and record-holder in powerlifting, I felt I was not living my purpose. I had reached the point where I was screaming on the inside that there must be more to life than this.  

Hercules quickly helped me to let go of the parts of me that were not the real me, and helped me find my passion in life. Now I love my life and feeling that I am living my purpose, speaking to inspire and motivate people to be all they can be. I have learnt to transition from success to significance.”  – Mechanical Engineer/Consultant

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