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Andrew is calm and dependable, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is innovative and resourceful, and possesses an amazing entrepreneurial flair.

His questions led me to confront several assumptions I had made, and opened doors for personal and professional growth.”

Chief Operating Officer,
Global Media and Internet company

Andrew Wynne

Andrew has worked in senior executive roles across several countries and multiple industries, including engineering, construction, banking, internet, telecommunications, media and information technology. His 30-year career includes 15 years as Managing Partner of a successful management consulting and coaching practice, and nine years as the Director of a listed distribution and solutions technology business which had five offices across key centres in Africa. This experience has enabled Andrew to develop an intuitive and practical knowledge of the challenges and opportunities inherent in establishing and leveraging successful relationships in the workplace, and in life.

Additionally, Andrew serves as Chair to a group of 17 CEO’s, MD’s and business owners, who are members of a group program that brings together the best business minds in a confidential group environment designed to nurture leaders who strive for excellence in their businesses. Through monthly retreats and one to one coaching, members of this group receive fresh insights, mentoring, peer-coaching and leadership development to help them achieve better results for their organisations.


In his capacity as executive coach, Andrew works with corporate leaders and leadership teams, developing their capacity to effectively deal with an ever-changing and increasingly complex business environment. Clients particularly like Andrew’s capacity to create a safe place where they can explore and experiment with new and fulfilling ways to approach work and life.

Clients also appreciate his authenticity, and his commitment to his own purpose statement which is: “I develop myself to meet my challenges. And I take on challenges to develop myself.”


Andrew initially studied and worked in mechanical engineering. He is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and holds current accreditations with TLCP, Coaching CirclesÔ, Leadership Embodiment, and Systems Thinking & Alignment. He is also currently serving as a Facilitator and Round Table Host for the ongoing World Business and Executive Coach Summit, (WBECS).

Personal Insights

Andrew is committed to serving those in our community who are less fortunate. He regularly gives time on a voluntary basis to organisations and causes close to his heart, including a local foundation committed to supporting those at risk of suicide, and a homeless support group.

Andrew is married with two sons. He enjoys endurance sports such as running and swimming and creative outlets including woodwork, photography and cooking.