Andrew Wynne


  • Building self-awareness in individuals
  • Developing trust and accountability in teams
  • Creating early success in a new role or organisation
  • Supporting technical specialists in transitioning into leadership roles


Andrew has worked with senior executives across several countries and multiple industries, including engineering, construction, banking, internet, telecommunications, media and information technology. His 30-year career includes 15 years as Managing Partner of a successful management consulting and coaching practice, and nine years as the Director of a South African-listed distribution and solutions technology business which had five offices across key centres in Africa. Through this he has developed intuitive and practical knowledge of the challenges and opportunities inherent in establishing and leveraging successful relationships in the workplace, and in life.

Andrew believes that successful leaders are those who are dedicated to developing trust in themselves and those around them. To this end, self-awareness and the increasing ability to self-correct and self-generate are key competencies that he is passionate about developing in himself, and in others.


  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Integral Coach, New Ventures West, USA
  • Accredited Practitioner for a range of assessment tools and frameworks, including Leadership Embodiment, The Leadership Circle and Systems Thinking & Alignment
  • Professional Coaching Course, Centre for Coaching, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • SCRUM (software development methodology) Master Certification
  • Member, Agile User Group, Brisbane
  • Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Wits Technicon University College, South Africa


  • Participation in several types of endurance events, photography, food and wine.


“Andrew is calm and dependable, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is innovative and resourceful, and possesses an amazing entrepreneurial flair. His questions led me to confront several assumptions I had made, and opened doors for personal and professional growth.”  – Chief Operating Officer, Global Media and Internet company

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