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Big Ideas to kick-start 2019


The Art of Leadership

2018 has seen challenges for many businesses; the Banking Royal Commission – one such example ruffling feathers for many leaders.  As a silver lining, I welcome the increased awareness, discussion and debate from Board level down on how critical it is to select and develop the right leaders from the top and focus on how to build an open, honest and transparent culture which encourages people to “ do the right thing” in their day to day working lives. As we often say in all our coaching and mentoring work, every action and communication from Leaders is observed, noticed, and interpreted from those around.

Leaders characters and style set the tone for the whole of organisation and this is now in the conversation which I believe is fantastic. The more leaders, whatever level in organisation, recognise and accept this, we will move mountains!

Most importantly, as the countdown to the year-end break begins for many, and we allow ourselves to slow down, it is important that we do recognise this period being a good time to rest, reflect and re-set, both personally and professionally.  Allow yourself time to create new habits that will provide sustenance in the year ahead.

We wish you all a safe and relaxing break with your family and friends. We hope that you start the New Year revived and refreshed, and we look forward to working with you in 2019.

Seasons Greetings,
Virginia Mansell
Founding Partner

Big Ideas to kick-start 2019

Looking to starting the year with clarity and focus, we asked our SMG coaches and mentors for their top tips on how to get a kick-start on 2019.

Here they share their big ideas, ready for the year ahead.


 1. Personal Impact – be aware of “ how you show up” sends 80% of the message to others

 2. Stakeholder Engagement- map out your key relationships internally and externally and nurture them

 3. Step onto the balcony…. Stop and observe yourself in the scenario and take yourself out of the situation

 4. Stress & Overwork- self regulate, apply digital detox principles.  Structure in your personal life so it doesn’t get eroded

 5. Curiosity– suspend judgement, process your reactions and wonder about the questions you need to ask

 6. Agile Perspective– form your view, take in others, check your thinking, adapt and respond and say what you think then make a decision

 7. Presence and being Present– being more, doing less

 8. Listen and ask Questions – learn the art of dialogue

As well as using the year-end break to relax and rejuvenate, it is important to use the time to identify what will help your business succeed in 2019. Adapt these key drivers to all business decisions you make and ensure that you continually align with your business strategy.

About the Author:
Virginia Mansell 
is Founding Partner of Stephenson Mansell Group, arguably Australia’s longest-established executive development firm. Virginia is an author, expert and thought leader in executive coaching, mentoring and leadership. 

In addition to her own experience as a business leader, Virginia brings to her role more than 30 years in human resource management, counselling psychology, psychotherapy and organisational consulting and executive coaching.

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