Virginia Mansell


As Managing Director of the Mansell Group from 1998-2005, Virginia built a significant and profitable business. In 2005, she acquired and became Managing Director of the expanded Stephenson Mansell Group (SMG) before assuming her now role as Chairman.

At SMG, Virginia oversees and delivers a number of key client relationships, directs SMG’s training and professional development program, leads SMG’s business development strategy and is responsible for development of the firm’s intellectual property. An expert in executive coaching, mentoring and leadership, Virginia is also the author of The Focused Executive, an important resource for CEOs and senior executives determined to perform at their very best. The 2nd Edition is now available.

In addition to her own commercial experience as a senior business leader, Virginia brings to her role over 30 years of experience in human resource management, counselling psychology, psychotherapy and organisational consulting.


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