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Highlights from Brisbane breakfast



“It’s an uncomfortable ride for those who don’t continually perform”


Li Cunxin, Artistic Director of Queensland Ballet, says he demands toughness and persistence from his dancers. He tells them if they are not prepared to push themselves and continually achieve the best they can achieve, then they should get “off the train” before he “throws them off”.

Andrew Buckley, former CEO and Managing Director of Cardno, agrees that hard work is important, adding it must relate to an aspirational vision that will take a lot of effort to achieve. “If it’s too easy,” he says, “you’ll achieve it in a couple of years and then you’ll need to invent another one”. An aspirational vision will ensure everyone heads in the same direction, even if it may seem “out there” at first.

It’s excellent advice from two inspirational leaders who spoke at our recent ‘Art of Leadership’ breakfast in Brisbane.


Here are some highlights:


What was an aspirational vision for you?


What is resilience to you? What I require from my dancers: toughness, persistence.


What is resilience to you? Taking risks and learning from mistakes.


How did you lead change at the Queensland Ballet?