As the current COVID-19 scenario continues to evolve, it’s becoming clear that we are running a marathon, not a sprint. What does that mean for how we need to adapt as leaders? 

The Stephenson Mansell Group has created a series of free and paid resources to help leaders and organisations navigate these uncertain times. 

Developing Leadership Endurance

Former BBC News broadcaster and Head of Leadership Practice, Mehul Joshi leads a panel of expert speakers to explore:

  • The importance of consistency, sense-making and empowerment
  • The coping and resilience strategies that leaders and their teams need to develop
  • The mental, emotional, physical and psychological ‘red flags’ to watch for when working from home

Sustaining Peak Performance Virtually

It’s proving hard for teams to maintain optimal performance when working virtually. That’s because we are facing a new set of demands that are impacting our capacity to thrive at four levels: the physical, mental, and emotional as well as our sense of purpose.

In these two 90-minute virtually facilitated workshops, you will learn what creates and depletes energy in each of these four dimensions, and you will establish a team or peer-group ‘team charter’ that will create alignment, energy and shared accountability to deliver the results that matter for you.

Customised Coaching Programs

We know every organisation is different, with different challenges and goals, which is why we specialise in developing customised coaching programs.   

Our customised coaching programs can be adapted to suit your leadership structure and needs. They are solution-oriented and geared to supporting and developing your leaders with the skills needed to take you through these challenging times. 

Delivered virtually, meaning you can support your leaders’ development either through one-on-one coaching or group sessions. 

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