SMG supports continued growth and development of professionals and organisational cultures. Organisations seeking to adapt to new challenges cannot drive sustainable change by simply restructuring and re-engineering.


What is required is leadership capability that can continuously re-frame challenges, reinterpret available options and reform operations.

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Effective Culture Change

Based on decades of experience, we have identified a number of common themes and patterns, and developed valuable tools to assist leaders and organisations to upgrade their culture. Advanced executive development programs empower leadership teams to achieve organisational goals, transforming organisational culture from the inside out – enabling change yet retaining authenticity.

Meaningful change is seldom straightforward, because:

  • it necessitates new ways of thinking and working;
  • it demands a new mindset, over and above added skills;
  • underlying assumptions and beliefs must be redressed;
  • organisational change also requires individual leaders to undergo change;
  • it requires an experiential shift in the way leadership is realised.

SMG’s core strategies integral to effective culture change

  • We objectively assess your present culture and capabilities to gain a candid view;
  • We develop a leadership strategy that embraces the collective capacity of your individual leaders to step up your collective capability;
  • We transform your executive team by coaching your senior team members (both individually and as a group) in preparation for their leading and sustaining the desired culture change;
  • We take time out for practical learning and to reflect on your assumptions, understand any problems more clearly and integrate a diversity of perspectives;
  • We establish ‘action development teams’ to implement new organisational strategies while developing your leadership culture and talent; teams of senior and high-potential leaders need to address key challenges while developing new and better ways of working together;
  • We align your talent processes with your envisioned outcomes, for example, by recruiting for the organisation you want to be, not who you are or used to be.

Our Approach

  • a series of experiential workshops that impart skills and build collaboration and trusting interpersonal relationships;
  • group coaching and team-building to embed self-sustaining teams;
  • where appropriate, one-on-one coaching and/or mentoring to further support overall program outcomes.

Depending on the size of your organisation, cultural change programs can run for between 9 and 36 months.

Benefits of SMG Cultural Change Programs

  • the embedding of a new and improved common language and focus;
  • enhanced personal and professional relationships and collaboration at all levels;
  • positive organisational outcomes in terms of employee engagement, staff retention and financial performance.

SMG’s solutions create an impact on people and teams across a range of enhanced behaviours and outcomes, changing lives at work and outside of work.

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