Mentoring refers to a face-to-face learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn. It is a process for the transmission of modern knowledge, social capital, and psychosocial support relevant to your professional development.

The focus is on developing your insight and efficacy as a whole person, using broad techniques that require wisdom in order to be applied appropriately.


At SMG, we use modern psychological frameworks, methodologies and processes to improve communication. We offer mentoring in an environment of complete confidentiality, where you, the executive, are given the opportunity to explore sensitive and key issues in order to gain deeper awareness and understanding.

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Role and Value of Mentoring

Mentoring is invaluable when:

  • transitioning a CEO into a new role;
  • preparing senior executives for CEO succession;
  • developing the leadership capacity and capability of senior managers into broader, more strategic leadership roles within your organisation.

Our SMG specialist mentor team provides access to a dynamic resource of experienced, knowledgeable, empathetic and trustworthy experts in their field – people who can hear and understand your concerns and provide invaluable counsel.

Individual Mentoring

At SMG we strive to ensure a perfect match between our mentors and clients, thereby maximizing successful outcomes.

We empower individuals to deal with conflict effectively in order to achieve the best outcomes at minimal risk.

In keeping with our policies, meetings are conducted in a confidential environment at agreed meeting times.

SMG Mentoring Process

Our highly effective mentoring programs embrace four key characteristics:

  • clear identification of our client’s development objectives and goals in line with his or her aspirations and the sponsor organisation’s strategic priorities;
  • detailed analyses of our client’s needs;
  • regular reviews of identified goals and outcomes in collaboration with the program sponsor, mentee and other key stakeholders;
  • evaluation of program outcomes.

SMG also offers clients the opportunity to build internal mentoring capabilities through our mentoring skills training programs. Our programs are flexible to fit in with client schedules, are based on the latest research, and employ practical, applied adult learning methodologies to ensure effective outcomes.

Our Mentors

SMG provides training, ongoing professional development, individual supervision and case reviews for mentors. This ensures our mentors have a proven technique guide their success. Key attributes required of our mentors include:

  • senior executive experience and a proven track record;
  • highly developed interpersonal skills;
  • effective listening intelligence and empathetic acumen;
  • a passion for assisting others;
  • advanced self-awareness and maturity;
  • an understanding of several different strategic perspectives;
  • a pragmatic approach to management and leadership challenges.

Outcomes of Mentoring

The benefits of our mentoring services and expertise for individuals and organisations include:

  • a confidential environment for executives to explore ideas and to self-reflect;
  • opportunities to gain deeper insight and understanding;
  • the acquisition of deeper and more varied strategic perspectives;
  • improved management of diverse stakeholder interests;
  • greater clarity of organisational goals;
  • more effective interpersonal relationships;
  • continuing personal development of leaders, both current and future;
  • improved individual executive efficacy and positive return on investment (ROI) for the sponsor organisation.
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What our clients say:

“My mentor is one of those rare individuals who concentrates on who you are, not what you want or what you’ve done. His belief in the importance of character and personal congruence to professional aspiration are enormously valuable. He has provided me with perspective, with counsel, with challenge and with opportunities.” – Financial Services Executive

“What I’ve enjoyed about mentoring has been the opportunity to develop and challenge myself, and my mentor has been instrumental in giving me the necessary confidence and self-belief. She has great skill in cutting through the noise and excuses, and I’ve gained insights about my reactions and behaviour and what I can do to create my own outcomes and results. My mentor’s combination of senior executive experience and business acumen, coupled with knowledge of human behaviour… helped me analyse and navigate commercial realities and scenarios. Having her as a mentor is a major contributor to my transition from a managing focus and mindset, to becoming a leader and developing my strategic capability.” – CEO, Retail

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