At SMG, we like to know exactly where you are coming from. We create bespoke executive coaching programs and utilise flexible and novel methodologies, underpinned by modern psychology frameworks to empower you towards maximum personal and professional effectiveness. We are here to support you, not only with coaching, mentoring and leadership development, but in all other areas that your organisation requires.


We work in partnership with individuals, teams and organisations to ensure coaching goals are well understood and success-measures are clear. Our coaches work one-on-one with executives and leaders, building collegiate and confidential relationships.

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Our Areas of Coaching Expertise

  • we focus on communication
  • we build trust
  • we grow leaders
  • we increase personal effectiveness
  • we facilitate executive assimilation and on-boarding
  • we ease executive transition, including retirement
  • we offer dynamic career coaching
  • we coach individuals, teams and groups
  • we optimise executive presence.

Outcomes of Coaching

SMG Coaching can make a powerful difference to individuals, teams and organisations in the following ways:

  • greater self-knowledge and empathy at work and home;
  • a feeling of being understood and supported at work;
  • increased personal effectiveness;
  • more quality time for key people;
  • self-empowerment and a new, relaxed self-confidence;
  • upgraded delegation skills, with better priority and time management;
  • high-functioning leadership development;
  • improved work-life balance.

Our Coaching Process - Involving our Clients

Step 1: What needs to be achieved and why? Individual and organisational goals:

  • client organisational needs and opportunities are identified and clarified;
  • successful outcome goals, informed by overall business strategy and leadership development agendas for the individual and organisation, are clearly delineated.

Step 2: How will it be achieved? Coaching strategy:

  • each executive participant is matched with the best coach to meet his or her specific needs and goals;
  • stakeholders, incl. coaches, clients, line managers and sponsors, are re-aligned;
  • modern psychometric tools are employed and third party interviews conducted;
  • feedback and performance data are creatively assessed.

Step 3: What is achieved? Implementation:

  • a coaching plan and schedule is agreed upon by the parties in close collaboration;
  • observable changes, based on new insights and applied learning, are monitored;
  • increased self-knowledge and self-correcting behavior are both encouraged and noted;
  • participants are equipped to demonstrate progressive growth towards achieving program goals;
  • opportunities to embed target changes are consistently identified;
  • regular review and feedback sessions are held between participants, as well as stakeholders;
  • program goals are refined to ensure ongoing executive support and sustained positive change.

Step 4: What was achieved? Program evaluation and review:

  • outcomes are evaluated in close communication with key stakeholders;
  • ongoing renewal of embedded goals is delineated;
  • recommendations are mapped for future executive leadership development;
  • a final report and evaluation is submitted.

Key Client Outcomes

  • trusting relationships are established;
  • leaders are self-actualized to become the best possible version of themselves;
  • individual, team and organisational effectiveness is optimised;
  • outcomes are evaluated in terms of their success;
  • results are measured against agreed goals and objectives;
  • alignment is established between all key stakeholders;
  • a sustainable future path is envisioned.

SMG Coaches:

Our coaching team currently comprises more than 40 executive coaches and facilitators based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, with the capacity to deliver throughout Australia and internationally.

Our coaches have extensive corporate experience, deep levels of emotional intelligence and a genuine passion for developing others.

Our team’s quality of delivery is underpinned by evidence-based research, ongoing professional development in the behavioural sciences, a modern Psychology framework, follow-up case management and external supervision.

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What our clients say:

“Thanks for your insights, accurate and powerful coaching. I am now busy in my new post as CEO and feel that I am really implementing what I learned from you. I have been able to have the difficult conversations I need to have with my team, and feel as though I am now well on my way to becoming the leader I would like to be.” – CEO, Healthcare

“I would definitely recommend SMG’s services to other leaders in business … What distinguishes SMG is their ability to really get to the root cause of people issues and provide easy-to-use strategies and techniques that work in the business environment without constant prompting and reinforcement. I always felt that I would be stretched and challenged to go further in my development. In the end it comes down to trust.” – CEO, International Food Services Group

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