Adrian Bentley


  • Banking and Financial Markets
  • Leadership through relationship building and stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic thinking
  • Cultural change.


Adrian has more than 30 years’ experience in International financial markets, most recently including 15 years with Macquarie Bank. During his time in financial markets Adrian held a number of leadership positions in Debt Capital Markets, (including Chairman of Deal Committee), Structured Finance and Group Treasury, (including Head Of Banking Relationships).

In each case these positions involved start up business opportunities and product development. This required the application of an analytical and holistic approach to identify opportunities, as well as a strong emphasis on team building and stakeholder engagement.

Adrians Group Treasury role (2009-2012) in particular entailed extensive engagement with CEO/CFO and management Committee level executives at both Macquarie and major international banks and investment banks, and achieved important cultural change within Macquarie.

During his executive career Adrian placed great emphasis on the importance of the human aspects of succeeding in business, in particular building strong relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, and applying a problem solving approach.

Adrian had the benefit of strong mentoring early in his career, and this together with his witnessing of the professional and personal development of colleagues who had also been mentored, means he is a strong advocate of the importance of mentoring as an effective management tool.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) Honours, UNSW, Sydney.


  • Member of the Bretton Woods Committee (2012-2014)
  • Mentor, Women in Banking and Finance (2014)
  • Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors.


  • Cycling, travel, music, trekking.

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