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With years of experience and hundreds of case studies behind us, we could showcase a multitude of phenomenal client success stories if it were not for our strict promise of absolute confidentiality. What we can do is provide you with a brief overview of a few anonymous client engagements to give you a glimpse into our modus operandi.

Executive Coaching

Case Studies

1.Unit Head Executive Development


A functional expert was appointed as a Business Unit Head: the new appointee needed to acquire a range of skills and behaviours to perform in the new role.

Additional skills and behaviours included management and leadership, communication, influencing, relationship building and strategic thinking. There was also the requirement to liaise with a broad range of internal and external, local and overseas, stakeholders. The new appointment involved membership of the executive leadership team and demanded a broader contribution at a more strategic level.


We developed and delivered a focused, six-month-long executive coaching program, directly addressing the executive’s development needs.


The Business Unit Head now displays key leadership capabilities, builds ongoing relationships within- and outside of- the organisation, and inspires a high-performance team, thus contributing to the overall success of the business. Importantly, this individual has come to be regarded as an indispensable member of the executive leadership team.

Key capabilities being applied include:

  • relationship building
  • understanding organisational linkages
  • influencing internal and external stakeholders
  • inspiring teams and performing the role of leader
  • developing the ability to have authentic conversations
  • taking a broader ‘helicopter’ perspective
  • managing stress
  • dealing with ambiguity
  • building resilience
  • prioritising and delegating; allowing more time to contribute to strategic, value-adding activities.


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Advanced Leader
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