SMG understands the fast-paced nature of the business world and the need for leaders to agile and make decisions at speed. This is the reason we have created our one-day, highly experiential, real-world simulation based program focusing on becoming a confident decision maker.


The one-day session provides thinking tools and planning frameworks to confidently make decisions that lead to high value outcomes.

The program focuses on three areas:

  1. Identifying and practicing the elements of a robust decision making process
  2. Developing the value of curiosity in decision making
  3. Developing the skill of framing conversations that cut through ambiguity and complexity

Key Components of the program include:

  • Explore the increasing importance of good decision making
  • Discover how our values, beliefs and biases affect our decision making
  • Determine when to decide alone and when to consult
  • Self-assess and adapt to decision-making ‘styles’
  • Explore the decision making role of a leader in a complex and disruptive world
  • Practise conversations that drive decision making
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What our clients say:

“Leadership development has been a key focus for us; working with the Stephenson Mansell Group provided an approach that built on existing work and opened up new avenues, especially ones that led to a broadening of the commercial skills of our more senior leaders.”

– Airline Industry Executive

“What I’ve enjoyed about mentoring has been the opportunity to develop and challenge myself, and my mentor has been instrumental in giving me the necessary confidence and self-belief. She has great skill in cutting through the noise and excuses, and I’ve gained insights about my reactions and behaviour and what I can do to create my own outcomes and results.”

– CEO, Retail

“My mentor is one of those rare individuals who concentrates on who you are, not what you want or what you’ve done. His belief in the importance of character and personal congruence to professional aspiration are enormously valuable. He has provided me with perspective, with counsel, with challenge and with opportunities.”

– Financial Services Executive

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