“Resilient at the core - driving individual, team and organisational high performance and potential”


‘Agility and Resilience’ are considered the most critical of leadership and business requirements today. SMG’s A&R program equips Executives and Human Resource teams with the required insights, techniques and experience to deepen and accelerate agility and resilience within an organisation.
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Business Criticality and Program Purpose

SMG’s annual research reinforced that ‘Agility and Resilience’ are the most critical of leadership and business requirements today. Rising business uncertainty, pressures and demand for innovation means it’s non-negotiable that leaders are capable of navigating unprecedented change intensity and complexity. The ability to find effective and efficient ways of leading themselves and others through has become crucial for sustained business success. Both proactivity and prevention is key if people are to thrive, rather than just survive. SMG’s ‘Agility and Resilience’ Program equips Executives and HR teams with the required insights, techniques and experience to deepen and accelerate their agility and resilience, for themselves and their organisation.

Target Audience

All Executives who need to have impact at the individual leadership, team, and organisational levels.

Program Results and Structure

To drive immediate relevance and impact for participants in their business context, we have found it’s key to customise any core program and related coaching to your company’s and audiences’ specific needs – to ensure the below and further tailored outcomes are reached. Topics are covered experientially using real scenarios – either via a 3 hour immersion session, a 1-2 day workshop, or series of half day modules over a 6-12 month period, with intact or cross-functional teams. They are delivered by SMG faculty who have a deep understanding of business and expertise in psychology. We recommend an Individual and Team Resilience Assessment is completed upfront to deepen insights. Outcomes of the program for participants and the organisation are as follows:
  • Understand the impact change and complexity have on personal, team and organisational resilience, results and relationships – along with the systemic, resilience boosting impact leaders can have
  • Explore the proven value of agility and the performance essentials that underpin it. Equipping them to proactively tackle adversity, and sustain greater levels of resilience and flow – at the cognitive, emotional and physical levels
  • Identify what already enables and also derails their personal level of adaptability – thereby strengthening self-awareness and emotional intelligence, along with leadership presence
  • Stretching them to identify fresh perspectives and ways of working together, to solve internal / external strategic challenges

Typical Modules Covered

  • Self-awareness and reflection
  • Authentic sense of purpose
  • Learning/productive mindset and agile skill shifting
  • Holistic wellbeing for sustained performance
  • Self-empowerment and accountability
  • Acceptance of and adaptability to disruptive change
  • Professional networks and collaboration
  • Building strategic and operational resilience at the individual, team and organisational level

Agility and Resilience Program Sample Structure

Below is an example of a modular, 9 month program run. The approach is ultimately adapted to meet your needs depending on the outcomes you wish to achieve, and your budget. resilience-graphic                      

Why SMG?

SMG’s depth of coaching / mentoring experience, combined with its’ expertise in deeper behavioural change and the latest neuroscience underpins the program’s delivery style – combined with a peer support model. This coaching based approach has been research proven to deliver a far more impactful and sustainable return on investment. Our faculty’s blended business / psychology backgrounds in challenging corporate environments, including depth in the positive psychology field, only reinforces the practicality and embedding of learning for participants. As a High Performance Teams and Cultural Change provider, we are also well placed to ensure impact is not just at the individual but also at the team and organisational levels. This enables us to powerfully integrate this resilience work with your broader leadership development efforts.
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