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5 Tips to Recharge for 2015


Virginia Mansell’s 5 Tips to Recharge for 2015.

With the shocking tragedy of Martin Place this week, it is a good opportunity to reflect on what’s important in life. Let’s look out for each other over the Christmas break by taking the time to listen and show our family and friends that we care about them.

On behalf of the team at Stephenson Mansell Group, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season.

Best regards,
Virginia Mansell




  • What was great in 2014?
  • Have gratitude for what went well and celebrate the highlights
  • What are you looking towards in 2015?



  • With your most important relationships
  • With who you are
  • Family, friends
  • With the holiday spirit




  • Enjoy the moment, walk, sleep, read




  • What’s your purpose?
  • Find your flow for 2015




  • What will help you remain resilient throughout 2015?
  • Plan your work and play for the year ahead


About the author: Virginia Mansell, Executive Chairman, Stephenson Mansell Group.

Virginia Mansell is an expert and thought leader in executive coaching, mentoring and leadership.  She is the author of The Focused Executive, an important resource for CEOs and senior executives determined to perform at their very best. The 2nd Edition is now available with a new chapter on high performing teams.

In 1998, Virginia established The Mansell Group to provide coaching and leadership development services.  In 2005, she merged this business with The Stephenson Partnership to create Stephenson Mansell Group, arguably Australia’s longest-established executive development firm.  Over the last fifteen years, the Stephenson Mansell Group has worked with 5000 executives in more than 500 organisations in Australia and internationally including 30 of Australia’s top 50 companies.

In addition to her own experience as a business leader, Virginia brings to her role over 30 years in human resource management, counselling psychology, psychotherapy and organisational consulting.